List of 10 Most Bizarre Bus Stops From Around The World.

We all have seen Bus Stops but each of these Bus Shelters are so different and unique. Here is the List of 10 crazy bus stops around the world where you love to wait for the bus.

#10 Musical Swings in Montreal (Canada)

montreal bus stop
Musical Swings in Montreal
A team of Montreal designers whose goal is to bring magic to everyday events has placed an interactive installation of musical swings alongside a Montréal city street next to a bus stop.
A fresh look at the idea of cooperation, the swings play a tune when pedestrians move in unison rather than independently. The result is a giant instrument made of 21 musical swings; each swing in motion triggers different notes, all the swings together compose a piece, the sounds of which emerge only from cooperation. You can watch video here how it works.

 #9 Bottlestop in Lexington, Kentucky (USA)

Eco-friendly bus stop
Bottlestop in Lexingtok, Kentucky
Unique and Eco-Friendly Bus Stop titled Bottlestop Bus Shelter Project is in Lexington, Kentucky. Designed By Aaron Scales.
Artist Aaron Scales has designed a sustainable bus shelter with used soft drink bottles. Apart from the use of the soft drink bottles, the lighting used at the bus stop is solar powered making this artistic bus stop probably the most eco-friendly bus stop of the world.
The use of only green recycled bottles from Kentucky’s Ale-8-One gives the bus stop an especially warm green feel.
The eco-friendly bus stop named Bottlestop, lights up with LED lighting at night and is powered by solar energy.

 #8 Bus Typography in Baltimore

BUS shelter
Bus Typography in Baltimore
The unique bus stop is an experiment on typography and public art. Located at a Baltimore street, this metal, and wooden strip design offers citizens a surprisingly fun way to wait for the bus.
In 2014, A Madrid-based artist collective, Mmmm… created the "obvious bus stop.” It's 14-foot-tall, 7-foot-wide three-letter bus stop typography sculptures that spell out the word BUS.
The sculpture is made from wood and steel, conceived like oversize pieces of urban furniture. Each letter allows passengers to assume different sitting or standing postures while waiting for the bus. Each letter is big enough to accommodate two to four people. The B can protect them from the elements, and the curve of the S invites passengers to lie back while they wait.

#7 Fruit-Shaped Bus Stops in Konagai (Japan)

Janpan Bus Stand Shelters
Fruit Shaped Bus Stops in Japan
The 16 quirky bus stops are located in Konagai, Japan (part of Isahaya City in Nagasaki) and were originally constructed for the 1990 Travel Expo. In order to attract arriving visitors, the stands have become a local tourist attraction in the region, scattered among the surrounding landscape. And of course the giant fruit shapes are a tasty reminder that even bus stop design doesn’t have to be dull and uninviting

#6 Library Bus Stop in Bağcılar, Istanbul (Turkey)

Books at Bus Stop Shelter
Library Bus Stop In Istanbul
 In 2014, Bağcılar Istanbul's most populated district started offering a "novel" service for commuters—bus stop libraries. Where Bookcases placed in bus stops with a wide selection of books for those who looking to spend their leisure time while waiting for the bus.
The libraries are changed with new titles twice a week and patrons can either read the books at the seated stop or borrow it and read it somewhere else. They can return the books to any bus stop with a bookcase.

#5 Concrete Curves Bus Stop in Casar de Cáceres, (Spain)

Caser de Caceres
Concrete Curves Bus Stop (Spain)
 This Concrete Curves Bus Station shelter is designed by architect Justo García Rubio. It’s not like any other bus station you’ve ever seen. A swirling ribbon of concrete, it curves in and over itself to create an enclosed waiting room and a sheltered area for buses to stop.

#4 Spider Shaped Bus Stop in Nitsiku (Estonia)

Soviet Bus Stops
Spider Shaped Bus Stop (Estonia)

This Giant Spider Shaped bus stop is from the architecture of the Soviet era.
Canadian photographer Christopher Herwig taken these photographs of bus stops from traveling journey of 12 years.
For the past 12 years, He has travelled throughout the former Soviet Union snapping photos of the region’s unexpectedly crazy architecture for his new book Soviet Bus Stops.

#3 Salvaged School Bus Stop Atlanta, Georgia (USA)

School Bus Shelter
Salvaged School Bus Stop in Atlanta
It was designed by sculptor Christopher Fennell. This Bus Stop Shelter was built in 2007. This stop is made from 3 old school buses. The seat is from one of Atlanta’s decommissioned city buses. It was part of a bus stop art-ification project by the Athens Area Art Council.

#2 The Amazing Whale Jaw – Bus Station in Hoofddorp (Holland)

Bus Shelters, Netherlands
The Amazing Whale Jaw
Hoofddorp Bus Station was designed by NIO Architecten in The Netherlands. This bus station was built on the forecourt of Hoofddorp’s Spaarne Hospital in 2003. The design of this kind of building is generally neutral, but here the aim was to create a strong, individual image that was less austere and generic.
Amazing Whale Jaw is completely made of polystyrene foam and polyester and is, as such, the world’s largest structure in synthetic materials (50m x 10m x 5m). The available budget meant that it could never have been created using conventional construction methods.
You can see 3D View here.

#1 Bus Home in Ventura, California (USA)

Bus home Shelter
Bus Home in Venture
In Ventura, a bus transfer station at Telegraph Road near the Pacific View Mall is also an award-winning art piece. At a cost of $2.2 million dollars, the bus transfer station called "Bus Home" stands 36 feet tall at its highest point and is a twisty spiral of steel, concrete, and acrylic. Its grand opening was June 12, 2002, and it was built by the artist, Dennis Oppenheim. According to Oppenheim the "work depicts the metamorphosis of a bus becoming a house." and it is meant to signify that "the passengers will arrive at their destination. They will arrive home."
The art piece shows a bus slowly transforming into a house, looping through the changes. Sadly there are several criticisms of the art piece, despite the awards it has one. Besides the not surprising eye sore complaint, many travelers have complained that the art piece doesn't provide adequate shelter in inclimate weather.


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