10 Psychology Tricks That Actually Works On Anybody

 10 Psychology Tricks That Actually Works On Anybody

Psychology is the science of behavior and mind, embracing all aspects of conscious and unconscious experience and It is a powerful tool in the art of persuasion. It can prove especially helpful if you work, study, or frequent areas that require negotiation skills.
Here are a few psychological tricks that will definitely help you get what you want!

10. The Broccoli Trick 

If you want your kids to eat broccoli, ask them if they want 2 broccoli stalks or 5, instead of just asking them if they want broccoli. This way you've already made the choice for them, but they'll feel like they're getting a great deal by choosing the amount of broccoli they want. You can expand this trick to other situations, too.

9. The Conversation Conditioner

To have a little fun with words, when having a conversation with someone, pick a word they say and then each time they say the word or words close to it, smile, nod or give some type of positive affirmation, and watch them say the word all the time.

8. The Paternal Wisdom

If you want people to take you seriously, tell them what you say is what your father taught you. People tend to believe fatherly advice inherently.

7. So Agreeable

When asking someone a question, get them to agree with you by simply nodding your head. The action makes them start to think that what you're saying is true and that they should nod "yes" too since our behaviors are social.

6. The Stalker Detector

Ever get the feeling that someone is watching you, but you're not sure? Try yawning and then glancing at your suspected stalker. If they yawn, then you know they've been watching you, since yawning is contagious.

5. Build Attraction

When first meeting someone, if you do go for a handshake then make sure your hand is warm. It makes you seem much more inviting than a cold hand. Also, when you're with that person, subtly mimic their actions and posture, it builds trust and makes you seem like you two fit together better.

4. The Talk and Pile

If you want your friend to carry something, for example, if you have just bought some books from the bookstore and you want your friend to carry them, just keep talking to them while handing them the bag. Most people will automatically take the bag without thinking. However, some people will become confused.

3. The Dollar Auction

Gather a group of friends together and hold up a $1 bill for auction. Tell them that whoever gets the high bid wins the dollar, but whoever gets the second and third-highest bid will still have to honor their bid. Then, sit back and watch as the bid goes from pennies to four, even five dollars or more. How quickly your friends will forget the value of a dollar. Meanwhile, watch the second and third-highest bidder as the price gets close to a dollar.

2.  Confrontation

If you think someone is going to go off on you in a meeting, sit right next to them. It's extremely awkward talking bad about someone and being aggressive when they're so close. No one wants to sit right next to the person they just bad-mouthed, So they'll take it easier on you!

1. The Information Getter

Do you wish your mate would open up? Well ask him a question, and if he only partially answers the question, keep eye contact and remain silent for a few seconds. They will usually continue talking, maybe a bit irritated, but they will continue to talk.
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